Heidi Swedberg

Now it’s a party! If you attended Camp Oo-Koo-Lay-Lay, and/or the West Coast ‘Ukulele Retreat at Asilomar, or La Semana de Uke-Culinary Fiesta in May last January, you know Heidi as a generous, fun-loving,  talented and enthusiastic ukulele instructor, singer-songwriter, and performer. And though she now lives in Los Angeles, Heidi was born in Hawai’i and received her first ‘ukulele from the Easter Bunny when she was five.  (How perfect is that?)  But the place she thinks of as home is Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she grew up and first started writing songs on the ‘ukulele and teaching herself to play. It was while playing the role of a  singer/songwriter for a television pilot in 1992 that Heidi began  playing the ‘ukulele again. In the spring of 2009 she made her first cd, Play,  to facilitate teaching ukulele: something a student could listen to, practice along with, and enjoy, followed by A Cup of Tea.  Today, Heidi teaches ‘ukulele across the country on a regular basis, organizes “play” parties for groups of all ages, and performs with the Sukey Jump Band and the Smoking Jackets. She has become our go-to person for obscure songs and workshops on stagecraft and overcoming stage fright, getting beginners off to a great start, construction of fez’ and smoking jackets for all occasions, and whipping up some mighty tasty dishes in the kitchen. She is a perfect match for all the serious fun we’ve have become known for and she has a fabulous “way” with beginners…..of all ages.


Never even picked up an ukulele before?  Found Grandpa’s old ukulele while cleaning out the basement? Haven’t played since you were in grade school? Then this one’s for you!  Let Heidi Swedberg be your guide as you embark on a journey that could very well change your life!  (Or not!  But at least you will have great fun and lots of laughs in the process.) Heidi has taught hundreds of beginners the basics and is always looking for more!  (Level 0 – 1)


So here’s the deal.  You’re happily playing along in the key of F:  F C7 F C7 F C7 etc.  And all looks good, until you come to …… (make ominous sounding music here)…..the dreaded Bb! The scourge chord of many a beginning player. But, if Bb brings you down and you need some professional help: it’s time to call the Muffin Man.  In 8 short, gluten-free bars he’ll change your mind and get you loving songs in the key of F again, no matter how many chords come your way as a result. (Level 1 – 2)


Take a Karmic leap forwards in your playing! We will use the ever-pertinent song “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone” to explore chord relationships in a beginner-friendly environment. And guess what!  It makes perfect sense even if you don’t know a lick about music theory…..and don’t really care to.   (Level 2)

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