2015 Workshop Schedule

Here you will be able to find the days and times, titles, instructors, levels, and descriptions for all of the workshops we’ll be offering this year, so you can more easily plan your weekend. This information will also be available on the on-line registration form, but that will be much easier to fill out if you have already decided which workshops you’d like to take beforehand.

Workshops offered Saturday, Sept. 12

Workshops offered Sunday, Sept. 13

Plus, we have just added a Performance Master Class with Daniel Ward for Friday afternoon, 1 – 3, at Nimbus Arts.  As enrollment is extremely limited for this workshop, please contact us directly so we can make sure we have space.

Daniel Ward’s Performance Master Class 

You’ve played for others before, but you know you can do better.  You’ve got a great tune you’ve been working on, and now you think you’re ready.  But something is holding you back.  Wait no more. Daniel Ward, with more than 27 years of professional musicianship under his belt, has the solution, with a performance master class that will boost your confidence and perfect your skill in a gentle and supportive environment. Those who step up to the challenge will be invited to play a song for Daniel (and the folks painting and sipping) then receive a 10 – 15 minute “private” lesson with Daniel that all in attendance will gain from. The player will get immediate feedback in a safe place, where everyone is learning and growing. Hand positions, tone, stage fright, chord changing, strumming, and more will be covered.  (Level 3 – 4)

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