Festival Flea Market

We have a place for those tired, poor forgotten ‘ukulele yearning to be played! Bring them to the Wine Country Ukulele Festival Flea Market, where they may very well find a new home and family. You name the price. We do the work. And you reap the profits (less 20%). And best of all, you’ll have an empty place on the wall for yet another ukulele!

Buying and selling at the Festival Flea Market is an opportunity available to all paid festival attendees, musicians, and volunteers. If you have registered for the festival on-line, you will be receiving an email with a Flea Market Inventory Form. If you plan on selling any ukuleles or cases at the festival flea market, we ask that you please fill out the form at home and bring it with you. Once you have picked up your registration materials and wristband at Will Call, you will be able to check-in your flea market merchandise. Outside Registration opens at 9:00 am. Doors to the festival open at 9:30am.

Our super-friendly staff will take care of everything else and do their best to sell your stuff while you enjoy the rest of the festival. (If you have an ukulele stand you might want to  bring it so we can show off your uke to it’s best advantage.) You can pick up your proceeds (and/or unsold goodies) anytime before 3:00 pm on Sunday.

Please, unless you are an official vendor at the festival, all ‘ukulele sales must go through the festival consignment store. 

No checks. Cash or credit only.

There were some great finds last year!   Maybe you’ll be the lucky one this year.

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